Our work methodology is based on a time proven and comprehensive process. Each stage includes close interaction with the client and is well documented. This is our Standard Business Terms and Development Process:


1. Business Principles Guarantee:

We make sure that all pertinent data coming from our clients are treated with utmost confidentiality. We understand that ideas are the heart and soul of every project. It is for this reason that ConceptWeaver employs stringent measures which ensure that security and business ethics are pursued. All members of the ConceptWeaver Company are required to adhere to a Non-Disclosure Agreement and a Non-Competition Agreement that applies to all our projects.

ConceptWeaver also follows internal measures that increase data security. We employ policies that either limit or restrict access to certain information depending on an employee's security level. Our systems are supported by the latest hardware and applications to guarantee reliability and performance in terms of our development structure and process.

Involvement: All members of the ConceptWeaver Company.
Implications: Assurance of reliability, security, and confidentiality applied to all aspects of every project.
2. Bidding and Project Envisioning:

This is the phase where ConceptWeaver bids on a project. In this phase, ConceptWeaver and the client undergo negotiations and project envisioning which will be the basis for the ConceptWeaver PROPOSAL. Project envisioning is where the client articulates the vision of the project. ConceptWeaver assists the client here through questionnaires and correspondences.

The milestone of this project is the development of a project vision document, the ConceptWeaver Proposal, where the initial scope of the project is outlined. An initial project schedule and cost estimate is also included with the scope. This document serves as the ConceptWeaver Proposal wherein terms and conditions are set along with the outline of the initial scope of the project.

The Client then either awards the project to ConceptWeaver or declines the proposal. By awarding the project to ConceptWeaver, the initial scope, schedule, and cost under the proposal becomes a baseline.

The Client makes an initial payment of 50% of the total bid price to ConceptWeaver upon awarding of the project. The act of paying the initial payment indicates that the client agrees to the terms and conditions stated in the ConceptWeaver Proposal and this Standard Business Terms and Development Process.

This stage of the ConceptWeaver work flow results to the signing of, and/or agreement to, the ConceptWeaver Proposal, which forms the baseline required in the development of the project. ConceptWeaver will also assign the Client Zone Access information which will serve as the main portal of correspondences, data transfers, and documentation for the duration of the project. Members of the ConceptWeaver Team will stay in constant communication with the Client and guide the same through out the whole development process.

Client Zone is an in-house customer relations management tool designed to create an effective environment that can cover most of the development process and operates as the main storage for correspondences, files, and documentations.

Involvement: The Client and the ConceptWeaver Sales Team.
Milestone: Initial payment the required 50% and conformity to the terms and conditions indicated in the ConceptWeaver Proposal.
Implications: Project schedule and cost may change as a detailed Project Specifications Outline is developed.

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