4. Development:

In this phase, the development commences and is managed according to the scope and schedule as derived at the pre-production phase. Changes or revisions vs. the scope from pre-production are evaluated for impact on resources, schedule, and cost. Client and ConceptWeaver should agree on each change.

An important phase of this stage is the release of the Beta version of the project. For large projects comprising of many components, modules may be released and tested individually/separately. This will require the evaluation of the Client in terms of meeting the project specifications by running a series of tests. The assessment will form the basis for either revisions or approval of the project. The revisions are outlined using a standard form provided by ConceptWeaver called Beta Version Assessment Form. Note that this version will still be hosted internally as full payment is required from the client before any uploading to another server is done.

Involvement: The ConceptWeaver Development Team and the Client quality assurance staff.
Milestone: Beta Release. The Beta version is completed and submitted to the Client for approval.
Implications: The client will be required to pay 25% of the total project cost prior the release the full Beta version of the project. In case the client is found to be in default in this stage, causing delays in the project development, ConceptWeaver will exercise the right to discontinue the project and charge to the Client the corresponding fees applicable to the amount of work already done in the project. ConceptWeaver may also consider the client's failure to communicate with any member of the development team, even after having been served a final notice for restoration of communication, as having waived its rights and claims to the project including concepts.

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